"What do you go to Lake Wallenpaupack for?  Some people go to their vacation homes.  Some people go boating and jet skiing on the lake.  Even more make the trip to witness the beautiful scenery that the lake has to offer.  Me?  I only go for the ice cream, more specifically - Coutts Ice Cream … Continue reading WOWZERS, THAT’S GOOD ICE CREAM!


"The ice cream is amazing, I recommend the pumpkin, cake batter or red velvet. I haven't tried the others yet but I'm definitely going back when I get chance." - Davanh L., Bronx, NY

The ice cream is amazing

"If you are in the mood for great home made ice cream with an incredible selection of favors, then Coutts Ice Cream your best choice on the Lake. The whole family loves going there after dinner. Don't miss out! It's the best." - Michael F., Raritan, NJ

Don’t miss out! It’s the best.

"YUMMY YUMMY in my Tummy!!!! I sampled about 6 or so flavors and they were all good. What I love is that they have some crazy flavors like maple bacon and nutella. I settled with salted caramel and almond joy... So good and creamy. They give you a good amount for a good price. Come … Continue reading YUMMY YUMMY in my Tummy

YUMMY YUMMY in my Tummy